Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AWESOME Arrow of Light Night

Michael Skogen was awarded his Webelos badge, several pins, a compass point, some activity segments...and last, but not least--his Arrow of Light award.

The program began with a pounding drumbeat.  Our storytellers wove Native American folklore into the highlights of a Cub Scout's journey through the scouting program.  The highest honor in Cub Scouts is given to the "young braves" that go the extra mile and dare to enter the eagle's lair.  Their work hard, willingness to live the scout law, and doing good to those that they are around--helps them earn the privilege of receiving the Arrow of Light.

Akelas, parents, and grandparents stood with the boys receiving the honor.  Their faces were painted and many were recognized for belonging to the "bald" eagles' den.

(Even Mike's grandpas and uncle received special attention for their contribution and commitment to him.)  Our Arrow of Light hosts marked the faces of the recipient and his family members as a sign of "arrival".

                                          As our Indian tellers explained, the Cub Scout is ready to move on and become a Boy Scout.  His Webelos scarf is removed from his uniform and it is thrown into the fire that does not consume it.  It will be replaced with a Boy Scout scarf after the crossing over the bridge.  

                                                   Everything is symbolic in the transition of the boy becoming a young man.

After the bridge crossing and welcome from the new Boy Scout leaders, Lone White Eagle gave the new boy scout some words of advice and admonishment.  If you live your life that is in harmony with the principles and values that were shared tonight..life may not be easy, but it will be rewarding.

There was an arrow given to remind the scout of this awesome night.  The head was made from obsidian from Crator's of the Moon and fashioned in the traditional manner.  What a great reminder of a wonderful evening.

Congratulations goes out to ALL the boys who earned LOADS of awards this summer.  All the Webelos' earned 2-3 pins each.  Braden Eibert earned 3 silver arrow points, and all of the boys received segments for attending day camp and articipating in the pack swim night.

There was a lot of whooping and hollering tonight, and all the boys in the audience were very impressed with the program!  I asked several of them what they thought about having their own when the time came and not a single one said they weren't interested!  The kids made rain sticks and totem poles for their gathering activity.  Thanks to the Webelos den for leading the flag ceremony and providing the yummy refreshments!

**Parents:  all of the awards that were handed out tonight had "badge magic" on the back of them.  That's for easier application and adhering to the uniform.  Simply peel the paper off the back of the patch and place on uniform.

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