Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cubs Bowling

Whoop!  Whoop!  We went on a field trip on August 29th to North Bowl Bowling Alley, Spokane, Washington.
Tyler was excited to get started

Our cubs took advantage of a great national program for kids available at  It's a program that offers free bowling for all kids, up to age 18 years old, for the summer months at participating bowling alleys. It includes 2 free games of bowling any day of the week.  All we had to do was rent the shoes and we were in business.

Ethan and Trevor K waiting their turns to roll


Bowling is one of the those great scout activities that is not only fun, but is also something they can sign off in their books.  It is not a team sport, but the boys were cheering in each other on and displayed great sportsmanship towards each other.

Braden, Jake, and Jayden

Today we didn't have any of our Bears attend...but most of our Webelos came and had a great time with our lone Wolf, Tyler.  Balls dodging (and sometimes even jumping) bumper guards, cracking pins, and endless chatter filled our afternoon.

Waiting for the balls to return to the holder


We'll make sure we do this field trip again next summer!  The price was right and the boys had a great time and enjoyed being together.  But in the mean time, don't forget to go through your boy's book and sign off the following activities:

Wolf Elective 20g and Webelos Sportsman 2 and half of #3.

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