Tuesday, August 7, 2012

American Indian History Night

Cub Scouts and Families!! Make sure you mark your calendars for the upcoming Pack Meeting, to be held on the 21st of August. The boys will be getting lots of awards and their patches from Day Camp. It is going to be a very special night, as it is an authentic Arrow of Light Ceremony to honor 2 of the boys who will be moving on to Boy Scouts. It starts at 6:30pm and is for families.

Tonight, the Wolves and Bears learned about the Spokane Indians and how they had more in common with the plains tribes then the coastal tribes. "Spokane" is an Indian word that means "Children of the Sun" (Bears Elective 24a). Pretty appropriate in this weather, right?

We had a conversation about the different styles of homes that the Indians built, depending on which part of the country they were in. The boys made Tepees (Bears Elective 24c; Wolf Elective 10e) by folding paper and creating the funnel shape. They used skewers to imitate the branches and poles that supported the cylindrical shape. They created a plains landscape, drawing a river, and adding grasses and twigs for a fire and shrubs (Bears Achievement 21d).

The wolves joined us tonight. They were able to sign a couple of things off from their books as well (Wolf Elective 10).

The Bears played two Indian games. The first one they had to hold their left foot in their left hand and try and knock their opponent out of the circle on the grass.
The person who won that round had to arm wrestle the winner from the other round (Bear Elective 24b). We learned that their games are very similar to our own childhood favorites!

The boys used many of the Indian symbols or picture words on their tepees (Wolf Elective 10f). They will be on display at the Arrow of Light ceremony that is coming up on Tuesday, August 21st. We are going to have a real life Order of the Arrow ceremony performed by Dennis McLaughlin. It should be a real treat!
The Webelos were off on a Nature Hike and finished the Forester section. Way to go boys!!!

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