Friday, July 27, 2012

Day Camp

July 25-27, 2012--Day Camp at Camp Sekani with:
Casper E, Jake H, Michael S, Garrett M, Ethan V, Trevin L, Braden E, Trevor S, and Trevor K (not shown)

East Valley ward cub scouts attended the Dig It Dinosaurs Twilight day camp, held at Camp Sekani. It was a 3-day whirlwind of fun, sport, and achievements!

After our welcome and getting fresh, bright was off to our activities. The boys started by doing some raptor research and dissecting owl pellets.

There were lots of tiny bones and mouse skulls found in the hard ball of fur. They had a discussion about the birds of prey and the ecosystem that we all live in.

Some of the boys didn't want to touch the pellets...and some got right in and went to work!

They worked on flag etiquette and practiced folding Old Glory. Each of the days started with hoisting the flag, and ended with a solemn flag ceremony.
It was good to be reminded of our freedoms and privileges that we take for granted that are symbolized in our flag.

The boys practice their whittling skills at a bar of soap. Dinosaur stencils and patterns were handed out, but some chose to carve from their own creativity.

Everyone used their mad carving skills. And they smelled wonderful.

Then it was off to the long-awaited archery range.
Each of the boys went their the range rules and commands.
They were able to practice each of the three days.

The boys had 5 arrows to nock and shoot.

The first day, the boys aimed at the bulls eyes. The second day, the aimed for balloons. The third day, they aimed for a happy face. It was great sport.

It was hard to forget that then you retrieved your arrows, you were supposed to walk like a zombie!
Wildlife officers from Turnbull, just outside of Cheney, came and talked to the boys about respecting nature. They had them cast a wildlife print of an assortment of 30 different animal footprints. The plaster of Paris set up during the day and they were able to bring them home. How cool is that?!
Each of the boys were able to accomplish a list of things that can be signed off in their books.
Take a minute to go through the activities with your boys and update those achievements!!
Even though it was HOT all three days--each of the boys had a great time. BB guns, bows and arrows, water games...what was not to love?
We couldn't have pulled this off without all the help from the various den and primary leaders. THANK YOU for sending your boys and for coming to help. It was awesome, and so WORTH it in the end!!

Flag Etiquette Class satisfied: Requirement 2: a, c, e, f, g
Archery Classes satisfied:
Elective: 20c
Safari Skills satisfied:
Elective 23b; 23g
The Buddy system:
Elective 23d
Attending Day Camp:
Elective 23e; 23h
BB Guns:
Elective 20n
Outdoor Games satisfies:
Elective 20o; Elective 4f
Camp Songs satisfies:
Elective 11c

Raptor Research (Owl Pellets):
***Achievement 5a—if they make a poster (all boys)
Tracks Class satisfies:
Achievement 5c (all but Casper)
Tracks Molds satisfies:
Elective 9a (Trevin, Garrett)
Going to Camp:
Achievement 5d; Elective 25f (all boys)
Safari skills satisfies:
Elective 25a (all but Casper)
Carnivorous Campfire:
Elective 25c (Trevin, Casper)
Hike satisfies:
Elective 25b (only Casper)
Flag Etiquette and ceremonies:
Achievement 3a; 3h; 3i; 3j (T, C, G)
Soap Carving satisfies:
Achievement 19c (Trevin, Casper)
Knots satisfies:
Achievement 22a, b, c (only Casper)
Archery satisfies:
Elective 20a (all boys)
BB Guns satisfies:
Elective 20f (all boys)
Outdoor Games:
Achievement 15 b, c (all boys)

Sportsman pin:
BB Guns--#3
Ultimate Fisbee--#4
Fossil finds--#7
Singing with Den--#9
Naturalist 1a; 4; 9:
Tracks and Turnbull visitors
How we show interest and respect for the environment
Hike in nature area
Outdoorsman 5—
Leave No Trace Discussions
Outdoorsman 11:
3, 4, 5
Artist 9:
Soap creations

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