Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pancake Breakfast--September 2010 Pack Meeting

September was our first pack gathering of the new school year. We've had some growing pains with several leaders moving and losing a cub master as well. We've made some brilliant adjustments and everything is back on track and the boys are doing fantastic! Den meetings are productive and the new leaders are progressing the boys towards their rank levels and beyond!

Andrew Barrow earned his Wolf badge and got to pin the Wolf pin on his mom, Kate.

Braden Eibert earned his Bobcat and is off to a great start on his Wolf. Collin Adams earned his Wolf badge and got a chance to share it with his mom, Nicole. Collin not only earned his Wolf, but a gold arrow and 4 silver arrow points! That's tremendous!! It was a special day for Collin, because he turned 9 years old.

Lyndon Paris has only been a cub scout just over a month, and he was awarded his Bobcat today. He is well on the path towards his Wolf. He shared the honor with his mom, Heather. Nathan and Cameron Eibert also earned 3 pins from their Webelos requirements.

After a pancake breakfast, the Cubs and their families participated in a Cub Scout Jeopardy game. It was geared to refresh the older boys in the laws of the pack, the promise, oath, handshake, and some of the fundamental basics of cub scouting. For the newer cubs, it was a great opportunity to progress rapidly on the Bobcat trail.

We have boys who are doing an amazing job in their progression in scouting. Many "High 5s" to the parents and den leaders who are working with the boys on a weekly and daily basis. The den meetings are huge parts of the boys earning their achievements, but the family activities and participation accelerate the advancement. Keep up the great work and see you at another fabulous pack meeting next month.

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