Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Pack Meeting--Carved Pumpkins

What cute pumpkins!! Each was a work of art and amazing!

Tuesday, October 26th was our Pack Night. We had a great turn out of boys with their very creative pumpkins. Every design was fantastic and the designer was brilliant as well. Every boy was a winner because they all get to sign off electives in their books towards arrow points or pins. Yeah!! They were a lot of fun to look at, but I'm sure that the best part of this event occurred at home with Mom and Dad helping each boy create their masterpiece.

After our gathering activity of making ghosts from suckers, the boys made paper sack puppets from the craft supplies on their tables. The goal was to create a monster. Some had blood shooting from the eyes, some had arms, bulging eyes--you name it, but they were definitely papery Frankensteins--Cub Scout-style.

Our pack had our first skit tonight--brought to you by the Wolves den. They made their scenery, read their parts, wore costumes and did a great job presenting it to the audience. Remember to go through your boys' books and sign off all the electives they were able to accomplish tonight!! What great progress they are making through their books!

Each of the boys received their segment awards for going on the field trip to the fire station. We welcomed our newest cub scout--Will Starley and know that he is going to have a great experience in cub scouts!
[Remember: if you have a Bear, did he follow the steps in section 19 for safe knife handling? If he did and carved on the pumpkin--remember to sign this section off. Bears also can sign off elective 9 as an original art project that was displayed at pack meeting].
Calendar notes: Scouting for Food will be Saturday, November 6th. Cub Scouts will distribute the bags in our designated areas of Five Mile and the Boy Scouts will be responsible for picking them up on November 13th!! Remember to dress warmly and wear good walking shoes. It will be great to have help from the older scouts this year.
New calendars were handed out last night for the changes in November. If you didn't get one last night, make sure that you check with your den leaders on Monday.

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