Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cub Journals

The Bear den is popping right along! We started by making journals from composition notebooks by modge podging our cub scout designs to the front of the cover (elective 9a). Some were more excited about painting with glue than others ;)

While the books were dyring, we had a guest speaker come in a talk to the boys about his cub scout experiences almost four decades ago (Achievement 8b). Rob Wright showed the boys a stool he had made as a cub scout. The boys had a quick discussion about showing respect for others (Achievement 8g). We also talked about some of the world's events that were going on for each of the boys birthdays (Achievement 8a).
Next week we will start adding assignments and activities into the journals that will help the boys finish off Achievements 3, 8, and 18. Look for the updates as we accomplish them.
Sister Ruegseggar had a fun game for the boys to play where they had to drop clothespins from their nose into a mason jar. It was far more challenging then they thought (Achievement 15c). The first one to get their 4 pins in got the first muffin--the treats that Jake brought (Achievement 9b).

Last week we made toolboxes--and they turned out great! Parents: make sure to sign off all of section 20 if I missed it.
We also used an 18-count egg carton and planted 18 different kinds of seeds. Casper brought his to den meeting tonight and he had several that were already popping up out of the dirt. This is for Elective 14d. When you make a plan on where you would like to put those starts, have your cub draw a plan and sign off Elective 14b, as well.
HOMEWORK: Each of the boys got a family tree to fill out for next week (Achievement 8d). I told them if they got it back as asked--they would get a special treat for their efforts. Help them out!
Next week we are working on Achievement 3--What Makes America Special. June 14 is FLAG DAY...that marks the day in 1777 when Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as our flag. Fly those Flags on 6/14 and 7/4 and then sign off Achievement 3g!
We are going to be painting...so leave the scout shirts at home and wear something that won't cause trauma if it gets paint on it!!
See you then!

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