Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thunderbird District PINEWOOD DERBY 2011


The Pinewood Derby's intent is to strengthen the relationship between the Cub and parent by introduction of a construction project requiring planning, design, and building techniques. The success of the project is the construction of the car itself, NOT the resulting races. The race will determine the fastest car in the fairest setting, but will not necessarily reflect the most successful project. As the construction of the car strengthens a Cub's relationship with his parents, the race strengthens the Cub's character by accepting winning and losing gracefully. the Pinewood Derby race should be an enjoyable--and FUN--family experience for all those participating.

Here are a few items for you to keep in mind as you prepare your car for the big day of the race.

1) You car can be of any shape and design you can dream up. However you must use the official Cub Scout wood block, wheels, and axles.

2) You may NOT use a car from previous year's races. You must build a new car for this year's race.

3) Car MUST be completely sanded and painted by the scout. Parents CAN help cut out the design and put on the wheels. Parent or scout CAN do accessories and weights.

4) You car and accessories can be added to your car, as long as they are securely fastened, and meet all other specifications.

5) Weights and accessories can be added to your car, as long as they are securely fastened, and meet all other specifications.

6) Trace lane strips are 1/4 tall and 1 3/8 wide. Your car should have a clearance of 3/8 on the under side to clear the lane strip.

7) The maximum weight of the car is 5oz. At check in, prior to race day, we will have a accurate scale to weigh each car. The weight given on these scales will be consdiered official. Please have your car as cloase as possible to the correct weight. We cannot add weight on the day of the race, and will have limited time to subtract weight if your car is overweight!

8) Starting devices are prohibited. Cars must be freewheeling. The entire car including the accessories must start the race behind the starting line.

9) Wheel bearing, bushings, washers, and springs are prohibited. Wheel hubs must rub against wood or painted wood. No lubricating oils my be used. Axles may be lubricated with powdered lubricant only PRIOR to the race.

10) NO cutting of wheels will be allowed, only light sanding is permitted.

11) Wheel and axle location on the cars can be changed. Slots in the official wood block to not have to be used.

12) If a car jumps off the land strip, that race will be run again (after the injuries are attended to). If a car jumps the track 3 times in a row it will be disqualified from that race.

13) If you have any questions on the rules and specifications, please call: current year Pinewood Derby Racing Commissioner for more information.

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